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Voyage dans le sud de l'Angleterre

 Les collégiens de Dambach ont découvert les charmes d'une belle petite station balnéaire.

La section européenne du collège du Bernstein est partie sur les traces de Guillaume le Conquérant.

Début avril, les élèves de la section européenne du collège du Bernstein ont eu le plaisir de découvrir le sud de l'Angleterre. Logés dans des familles à Brighton, ils ont pu faire connaissance avec cette charmante station balnéaire, puis partir sur les traces de Guillaume le Conquérant à Hastings en visitant les ruines de son château.
Une excursion d'une journée à Londres faisait aussi partie du programme.
Ce voyage entre dans le cadre de l'option section européenne que les élèves suivent à partir de la 4e et qui leur permet de découvrir le monde et les civilisations anglophones.
Toutes les actualités de la section européenne peuvent être consultées sur son blog, accessible à partir du site du collège :
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Next week the European Section is going to England for 4 days. Here is what is in store :

Jour 1 : Voyage aller. Départ 06h30 devant le collège. Petit déjeuner et déjeuner à emporter.
Traversée de la Manche en ferry.
Installation en famille d’accueil à Shoreham-by-Sea vers 20h00.
Dîner et nuit en famille.
Jour 2 : Visite de Brighton l’une des plus belles stations balnéaires de la région – la vieille ville, le front de mer, déjeuner (panier repas) sur la plage.
L’après midi visite guidé du Royal Pavilion, puis promenade sur le Palace Pier.
Dîner et nuit en famille.
Jour 3 : Excursion à Londres. Promenade dans le quartier de Westminster, relève de la garde devant Buckingham Palace.
Déjeuner (panier repas) dans St. James’s Park.
L’après midi Trafalgar Square, visite de National Gallery, temps libre à Covent Garden.
Dîner et nuit en famille.
Jour 4 : Départ du centre d’accueil avec un panier repas pour le dîner en direction d’Hastings. Visite de la ville, dont le port de pêche. Continuation par la vieille ville et visite du château construit par Guillaume le Conquérant. Déjeuner ‘Fish and chips’ au restaurant.
L’après-midi une chasse au trésor dans la ville.
En soirée, présentation au terminal Eurotunnel à Folkestone. Dîner (panier repas).
Trajet retour pendant la nuit.
Jour 5 : Arrivée au collège vers 09h00

Joanne on the Gold Coast


I'm Joanne Dorsch and I went to Australia two month ago. I have a billet, Chanel McDonald, she lives at Chevron Island, next to Surfers Paradise. She is 15old, she was born 12th of Mars 1996, one week after me, sh'es very nice. She has a big family: one brother and four sisters. her family is very funny and it's like a second family for me. My trip in Australia was just AMAZING! I saw and I did a lot of things for the first and the last time in my life, I'm very lucky. I touched kangaroos and I saw koalas, it's so cute. I saw an Aboriginal show, it's very interesting because it's a big part of Australian history. I went to Sydney, Byron bay, Brisbane and a lots of other places. Everything I saw it's very beautiful and interesting, it's like I'm in a dream. The school in Autralia is so different than in France because the students are freest and the lesson are smallest. During my trip, I'm with my freinds Karen and Simon. I made a lot of shopping with Karen and her billet, and I went to Wet and Wild and Movies World with Simon and Karen, we had a lot of fun together. The trip in Australia is so short but I remember Autralia all of my life.

Ta-ta Australia, Never Forget <3

Australians in Alsace

Sunday the 26th of June

The morning we slept until 11 am, we had lunch and after lunch we went in “La Volerie des Aigles” where we saw lots of eagles first it was eagles that hunt in the day, they made looping and passed one centimeter above of our heads it was awesome, then we visited the castle and my father explained what it was, what was in this place but he didn’t explain all because he doesn’t know a lot of things about the history of the France finally we saw the night eagles. Also we went in “ La Montagne des Singes ”, there was a game about monkeys and if you had all the answers right you could win a plush monkey , Alex and I did this game but I don’t think I won L. The monkeys were so cute, and we gave popcorn and they were cuter when they kept popcorn. After “La Montagne des Singes” we visited the fortified city of Chatenois. Then we came back home and I don’t remember what we did but this day was very fun.

Marie Spitz

Karen at Byron Bay

I wake up at 6.30 am because I must be at school at 7.30 am, to go to Byron Bay. We take one hour to go there. At Byron bay I saw the sea, I buy the same swimming trunks that Joanne.We ate before the sea. After we go to Currumbin Wild life center. It was grea! I saw koalas, kangooroos, crocodiles, kookaburra, tasminia devil, snakes. I saw a mother kangooroo with its baby. In the park there was a lots of spiders, I scream a lot. After I saw a Aborigines show. It was good and original. A man did music with a didgeridoo and three others danced next him. We came back at 5.30 pm.

My best day in Australia

My best day in Australia was Friday 15th April 2011. We went to Wet and Wild Park. The weather was very good and it was very hot. We went to the park with every French and Australian student. I went in many rides with Alan and his brother Andrew. We went in the Tornado, the Mammoth Falls, the Mach 5, the Aqualoop, the Aquaracer, the Wawes Pool and the Surf Rider. After we ate something in the park and we went home. We played table-tennis and Monopoly, I won the game. In the evening, I went to Skilled Park with my host family, to see a rugby match. Skilled Park is Gold Coast’s rugby stadium. The Titans from Gold Coast played against the Tigers from Sydney. It was great. The Titans were loosing 14 at 0 but finally they just won the match 20 at 14. It was a very good day with Alan and his family.